Elisa and Tony

reception at the Omni Severin, Indianapolis, Indiana

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Elisa and Tony are an incredible couple and unbelievably good looking!  Both are going to school to be Doctors and little do they know that there was a clause in my contract that requires them to provide free medical care for my family for life...(I wish!)  Everything Elisa does is pure class and her wedding was no exception.  She has exquisite taste which fits with the Omni Severin where both the ceremony and reception were held.  They chose to have guests stand up and sing a love song in order to see the two of them kiss.  A great twist on the clinking of the glasses, but it sure had Wes from Event One Djs hopping!  Tony and Elisa finished the evening with a nightclub-esque atmosphere and I can't think of a more picture perfect day for such a wonderful couple.

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