Deb and John

reception at the Thomas Duncan Hall, Lafayette, Indiana

invitation and rings reception seating red wedding flowers
wedding couple bride and groom wedding announcement
wedding cake wedding bouquet toss wedding rings

Deb and John are a neat couple.  Because Deb was starting a new job and renovating their new home, I was hired by Deb's Mom, Vicki and we hit it off right away.  The wedding was held at Trinity United Methodist and the reception was just down the street at Duncan Hall.  The Bride chose to use the K.I.S.S. method (I'm quoting her words) by keeping a very simple black and cranberry color pallet and accenting it with beatiful roses and greenery.  This couple decided to forego a DJ and did their own music with their iPod and the house speakers at Duncan, country, country!  I don't think I've ever heard so much Big & Rich at a wedding before - but it was fun!  Congrats you two!

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